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teahcer :D

Daniel Bedoya villa 7-6 | 23/10/2012

teacher i want excercises for past simple So i want to study this themes again and excesises of future simple and i like so much what you neach me better the actual themes of this period thanks you :D see you later

clase de ingles

luigui 21 plus | 23/10/2012

i like this page

English project

Nicolas | 23/10/2012

I like this page

Scaring People

SLENDER (Juan David Molina) | 23/10/2012

So I Like This Page, But The Scripts Are Poor U Must Upgrade Them Cause' The UPB System Doesn't Read Them GreaTINGS Teacher

clase de ingles

juan camilo giraldo | 23/10/2012

q bno

english class

juan pablo marulanda | 23/10/2012

this page is very great


Federico Escobar 7°8 | 23/10/2012

I like this page web.

test: present

yessenia | 25/08/2012

me gusto mucho el test porque se que estoy bn en el presente en ingles

Re: test: present

Ana Adela | 15/09/2012

That's cool.

present perfect

katherine | 13/08/2012

I found very interesting page and I liked it a lot because I can learn a lot

Re: present perfect

Ana Adela | 14/08/2012

Thanks for your comment and your visit Katherine.

present perfect

Luis Guevara | 09/08/2012

ami this issue has always struck me hard but I'm looking better

Re: present perfect

Ana Adela | 10/08/2012

Don't worry, you have to practice, do some exercises and show them to me in class....


juan esteban sierra sierra 7-6 | 30/07/2012

hoooooooooooooo i like because i learn to learn
jajajajaja -_-

Re: english

Ana Adela | 01/08/2012

Keep on working Esteban, you have both skills and opportunities. Take advantage.

Re: english

Anonimus | 23/10/2012

I like you Juan Esteban see you

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