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Learning a language is a process that involves developing all skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing.
As a teacher I have experienced that writing is a very challenging task for students, therefore I give them input and ask them for easy outcomes.
Sentences, then paragraphs, then compositions and so on.
I like them to talk about topics that are familiar for them so they can do it easily.
One thing that puzzles me is the use of translators. I think this is the biggest shortcut of developing writing online.
Colombian students have not developed the concience that this is something you have to build. I get really sad about it.

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Caesargato | 19/09/2016

In fact, one of the most greatest challenges facing young people and students is to discriminate what information is the best on the social network and web pages. We have to lead them on teh correct searching of useful information and avoid them to use it in a wrong and misleading way.


Nathaly Pasuy | 16/09/2016

I could not agree more with you. Teaching writing within a context is vital to provide students with meaningful and enduring learning experiences. That’s why I strongly recommend the use of realia as input. Using real objects into the classroom makes the learning experience more memorable for the learner. Students can, touch, smell, and with a food item, taste it. Recognition of an object is often immediate and elicitation of vocabulary becomes much easier. This clearly benefits the writing process on a 100% note.

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Ana | 16/09/2016

Thanks for your comment. What can you tell me aout the use of translator?

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